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Kimura Masaji

Master of the Staff



If Fumio Akimoto was considered the senior student of Takamatsu Sensei, then his second most accomplished student would have to be Masaharu Kimura. Born in Meiji 34, Kimura lived to the age of 99. At the age of 17, he joined the Dojo of Takamatsu who at this time was teaching Jujutsu of the Takagi Yoshin lineage, and the famous Kukishin ryu Bojutsu. Takamatsu had only three rules for his students at this time: no liquor, no smoking, and no fighting.

Living close by, Kimura was able to train almost everyday with Takamatsu. It is possible that no other student of Takamatsu has had more training with the Grandmaster. During these early years, Kimura would often spar with Takamatsu. At the age of 36, Kimura received from Takamatsu menkyo kaiden in Jujutsu and Bojutsu. In 1991, Shoto Tanemura met Kimura and became his student.

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