Genbukan Ninpo Bugei

Traditional Martial Arts in a modern world?
Many of the schools contained within the Genbukan and Kokusai syllabus are hundreds of years old. They are part of a long, historical and authentic lineage, passed from one Grandmaster to another, keeping the arts pure and undiluted.

This is very important as these Ko Ryu (old schools) have been thoroughly tried and pressure-tested over a long period of time, in a very feudal Japan. They have withstood those tests on the battlefields and beyond, to leave us with what principles and techniques do truly work. These schools are not just one person or generation’s idea or experience, but many collected experiences over many generations of Masters.

If something didn’t work, it was discarded, or more probably died with the person attempting it! It continues to develop today and so is as alive and useful now as it was then.

We are indeed very lucky to have contact with these wonderful true Martial Arts, thanks to the dedication and commitment of Sensei Shoto Tanemura and all previous Masters to preserve them.

“By exploring the old, one becomes able to understand the new”